Mechanical Segment



FACIO is one of the advanced and Adaptive intelligent solution which caters solution specifically for Mechanical Industry Vertical, CPG- Consumer Packed Goods, & AEC – Architectural Engineering & Construction.

  • OPERABILITY: We Keep it Simple.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We sustain your business growth.
  • RELIABILITY: We make this happen every time.
  • TRACEABILITY: Your data from any time any were.
FACIO Office - HR, Payroll, CRM & Travel -

FACIO OFFICE – A Web based office management solution integrated with series of application Like CRM, Project Management, Human resource & Payroll. The solution platform is designed to suit the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises in Mechanical manufacturing and Engineering services sector.

FACIO Office platform along with CRM, Human resource, Payroll, and Project Management extends the Integration capabilities with your favorite PDM’s, PLM’S, ERP’s and Financial Account systems to form an Uni-Platform Environment leveraging top management and HOD’s to mine the reports and information to predict and meaningful business decisions. The solution saves substantial time and efforts of your industry and enable the resources to be more productive focusing on their goals.

Solution Platform Applications

  • Human resource & Payroll
  • CRM
  • EProject Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
FACIO - M (Mechanical ERP) +
FACIO - Project Automation Solution +