Internet Security

Best of Internet and digital security coupled with firewalls and secure data centers ensures customer data is secure and sound.

Data and folder specific access means users only have access to information they are authorized to access. IP based user settings enables option to restrict access outside of pre-defined IP addresses (ie. office).

Multi-Tier User Authentication

A valid username, password and company ID is required to log into FACIO's solutions. Password length and change intervals are determined by client company policy. In addition, the auto log off feature set by your System Supervisor will automatically log off users after a period of inactivity.

Maximum Availability

FACIO servers provide data redundancy via Raid5 disc arrays. Raid5 supplies safe recovery of data in the event of hard disk failure. Any server's hard drive can fail without loss of data. Raid5 also provides for hot swappable hard disks, in order to replace a failing hard disk without service interruption.