FACIO Services

FACIO allows our customers to focus on their core business, rather than worry about the complexities of hosting and managing an enterprise application. we host and manage servers, maintenance, manpower and storage units so you can enjoy all the benefits of our enterprise solutions, with none of the headaches.

FACIO Partners with the world’s largest datacenters and our service maximizes security and ensures world-class performance.

Dedicated Service Professionals

a24x7x365 management and monitoring by industry certified staff
a99%+ guaranteed uptime and application availability via SLA
aDedicated support to respond to issues quickly and in a timely manner

Best Security

aRobust firewall and security architecture incorporating latest standards
aSSL encryption with acceleration for fast response time
aIntrusion detection and monitoring

Performance Optimization

aRegular infrastructure maintenance and upgrades for optimal performance
aAdvanced capacity monitoring and planning for unmatched scalability

Backups and Storage

aDaily full data back-ups with archiving for one year
a2-hourly incremental data backups with ability to roll back at any time
aRedundant pre-configured equipment for rapid switch-over in event of failure