Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


FACIO Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

FACIO is a fully integrated, proven, user friendly - ERP for Apparel manufacturing industry. It is a product of RIM India Pvt Ltd. FACIO is a modern, cost effective and proven enterprise platform that meets the needs of apparel industry.

FACIO streamlines the total process cycle in apparel manufacturing. Its workflow system provides superior business process management capability for faster response to customer demands. Web-enabled real-time management information system gives the manufactures the capability to monitor the whole process from product development till exports across the globe.


sEffective monitoring of overall operations of the company
sHighly parameterized and flexible
sCentralized application
sGreater efficiency and performance
sMulti level security
sData logs for tracking application
sBar code identification for each product / variant
sRFID - Implement
sGenerating alerts